Friday, March 7, 2008

Laksa Time

You wouldn't think it in Sydney, but lunchtime in the CBD is a
difficult task. You want fast, cheap and tasty. That doesn't leave
much option really. There's the food court but most of them suck
(except a few which we'll come back to another time). You don't want
to buy an overpriced sambo that you can make at home. And you can't
trek over to C-town when u only got an hour to scoff down a
decent meal. But then, hidden in middle of the CBD, is this laksa
oasis - Malay Chinese Takeaway.

If you struggle with the tricky task of eating laksa without
splashing flourescent yellow goodness all over your ex-y Sonia Rykiel
blouse or crisp Raf Simons white button-up oxfords, please, buy yourself
a 50c bib while you wait for the stuff, which takes literally only
two minutes.

For test purposes I went with the chicken drumstick laksa and my
eating partner went with the king prawn option. The tender
fall-off-the-bone chicken in fragrant soup is not overwhelmed by the
coconutty craziness. Amazing. King prawns were large, plump and
juicy, and plentiful - quite surprising given the dish cost a measly

Now the make or break of any good laksa - Deep fried tofu (DFT). A
good DFT oozes soup when bitten, releasing the liquid like an
oversaturated sponge. Mmmmm.

Trust the Malaysians when it comes to laksa. Even if I had more than
half an hour, I would get my laksa on at this fine establishment.

Malay Chinese Take Away (Hunter St)
Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St
9231 6788

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