Friday, March 7, 2008

Laksa Time

You wouldn't think it in Sydney, but lunchtime in the CBD is a
difficult task. You want fast, cheap and tasty. That doesn't leave
much option really. There's the food court but most of them suck
(except a few which we'll come back to another time). You don't want
to buy an overpriced sambo that you can make at home. And you can't
trek over to C-town when u only got an hour to scoff down a
decent meal. But then, hidden in middle of the CBD, is this laksa
oasis - Malay Chinese Takeaway.

If you struggle with the tricky task of eating laksa without
splashing flourescent yellow goodness all over your ex-y Sonia Rykiel
blouse or crisp Raf Simons white button-up oxfords, please, buy yourself
a 50c bib while you wait for the stuff, which takes literally only
two minutes.

For test purposes I went with the chicken drumstick laksa and my
eating partner went with the king prawn option. The tender
fall-off-the-bone chicken in fragrant soup is not overwhelmed by the
coconutty craziness. Amazing. King prawns were large, plump and
juicy, and plentiful - quite surprising given the dish cost a measly

Now the make or break of any good laksa - Deep fried tofu (DFT). A
good DFT oozes soup when bitten, releasing the liquid like an
oversaturated sponge. Mmmmm.

Trust the Malaysians when it comes to laksa. Even if I had more than
half an hour, I would get my laksa on at this fine establishment.

Malay Chinese Take Away (Hunter St)
Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St
9231 6788

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Sweet Infinity

Address: 53 Riley St, Woolloomooloo

Rarely do we think to trek away from the CBD for lunches and snacks, but there are some good treats to be found if you know where to look.

To me, Sweet Infinity is all about butter. Good butter and lots of it. Their pies are like an amazing casserole wrapped up in a croissant. Lamb-something-or-other-gourmet is better than the chicken, basil & corn and I'm yet to try the duck l'orange because it's always sold out by the time I get there.

Their menu of treats changes regularly. The home-made Bounty Bar (serious dark chocolate around a big slab of coconut) hasn't made an appearance lately but the well-documented lemon meringue pie is always there. The delicate and soft lamingtons, dipped in strong dark chocolate, are a favourite of mine.

You can also stop by there for a loaf of sourdough to take home. A special treat at this time of year (in my bag but not yet tested) are the hot cross buns - 6 for $7. Yeah, pricier than Coles but does the baker at Coles
personally candy half the orange peel?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Asagao - is that the name?

As the Film Festival is now upon us this quick sushi train is a good one to remember. Its a haven from the crazy streets of the CBD lunch hour - and its always so fun to watch the food go round n round!
The only downside is .... everything else on the menu - the sushi on the train is really the only thing you can eat here. Which is ok because there is usually quite a good selection of dishes - salmon wrapped in seaweed and doused in mayonaise (that sweet japanese mayo mmm!) is my favourite.
The tea is good and the prices are very reasonable - best to take a group of four and enjoy the 'booth' tables in the centre of the restaurant.

Pitt St, around the corner from the State Theatre

Friday, June 1, 2007

The great coffee debate

This one could be an ongoing argument, but hey, isn't that what comments are for?

Beanbah used to be the place to go, but then they changed their beans. Hole in the wall used to do a good strong coffee, but then the main guy left. Barracks cafe is close and was only $2, but it's now $2.30. Mint cafe will give you a coffee in a proper cup if you're lucky.

So which is the best?

Indian Excellency

Address: Shop 8d 370 Pitt St Sydney. In Chambers Arcade - up the escalators from Red Eye second hand.

Distance from The Mint: Approx 2.6kms - most of it a lovely walk through Hyde Park.

I'll have to admit that this isn't my own find, but discovered thanks to my diligent reading of Hot Property. I believe it was originally discovered by a certain Ashley in HR and further popularised by an Anthony in IT.

The Dosa is what you come here for. A this crisp pancake that is filled with your choice of fillings - butter chicken obviously being the favourite - rolled up and served with various spicy chutneys on the side. It's at least a foot long and only about $7.50. We were concerned that the Dosa was no longer but further investigation revealed that it was just the Dosa blackboard which had kicked the bucket, not the Dosa itself.

Also recommended is the daal if you're that way inclined. There are always a few different vegie things to choose from as well as the standard butter chicken and a few other meaty things. Biryani is often on the menu but I haven't tried them yet. Mango lassi is also recommended.