Friday, June 1, 2007

The great coffee debate

This one could be an ongoing argument, but hey, isn't that what comments are for?

Beanbah used to be the place to go, but then they changed their beans. Hole in the wall used to do a good strong coffee, but then the main guy left. Barracks cafe is close and was only $2, but it's now $2.30. Mint cafe will give you a coffee in a proper cup if you're lucky.

So which is the best?


Nomes said...

Can't really beat HPB Cafe for proximity and for friendliness - however, the coffe is only good when its made by Raani (probably not the spelling:) so beware of other lurking wannabe baristers!

Katerina said...

Must say that The Mint cafe and its proper cups gets my vote. $2 for good coffee and they're right next door! But how I yearn for the days of Denis(the main guy) and his beloved Hole in the Wall!

Nomes said...

Ok so some updates to add:

Many of us have now discovered Grind (99 Elizabeth St). It's less than a 5 min walk and serves Campos coffee. It also does good cheap basic food including a huge range of salads for about $10. Raisin toast and banana bread is also recommended. Watch out for the mid morning peak hour coffee rush - looks like we're not the only ones discovering this place!

Nomes said...

Coffee after 4pm?

Coffee is not just for the morning - its actually better for that mid afternoon slump - which for me usually ends up being after 4pm and after everything else is closed!

This is where Silks comes to the rescue. Silks is just behind the law courts (170 Phillip St) and is open late. Its smooth coffee and they use that special frothing milk from Dairy Farmers which has more protein in it to make it froth better - if that's a coffee priority for you. If you sit in you get a little biscuit too.

Nomes said...

Chrysler (cnr. Martin Pl and Macquarie St) is a favourite with State Parliament employees. So if you want to ensure a good standard coffee with a touch of public service beige this is your place.