Friday, June 1, 2007

Indian Excellency

Address: Shop 8d 370 Pitt St Sydney. In Chambers Arcade - up the escalators from Red Eye second hand.

Distance from The Mint: Approx 2.6kms - most of it a lovely walk through Hyde Park.

I'll have to admit that this isn't my own find, but discovered thanks to my diligent reading of Hot Property. I believe it was originally discovered by a certain Ashley in HR and further popularised by an Anthony in IT.

The Dosa is what you come here for. A this crisp pancake that is filled with your choice of fillings - butter chicken obviously being the favourite - rolled up and served with various spicy chutneys on the side. It's at least a foot long and only about $7.50. We were concerned that the Dosa was no longer but further investigation revealed that it was just the Dosa blackboard which had kicked the bucket, not the Dosa itself.

Also recommended is the daal if you're that way inclined. There are always a few different vegie things to choose from as well as the standard butter chicken and a few other meaty things. Biryani is often on the menu but I haven't tried them yet. Mango lassi is also recommended.


Nomes said...

I absolutely loved the vegetarian dishes I tried here too! Anything with lots of mushrooms gets me smiling:) Its low on ambience but high on taste and value - and the walk's good for you!

Katerina said...

Agreed - definately good value on all accounts! Chicken tikka is a favourite accompanied by raita.
Only warning: make sure they wash the water glasses with detergent before putting them back out!
Oh and beware of over-eating as the walk isnt quite long enough!